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Thursday, 17 October 2019

Mobile-driven Attendance Solution at Affordable Cost

Paylite mobile application available for iOS and Android

How does Paylite Attendance Mobile App help?

Paylite attendance mobile app solution is designed for both Android and iOS platforms. It is aimed to maintain records of punch timings along with location data of respective employees to ensure the effective time utilization and avoid any kind of attendance missing. With the implementation of Paylite attendance mobile app, HRs can track their employees who are working in the office or those who are working on-field and get their punch timings and punch location, within a single window.

In terms of benefits, HRs can overcome the challenges of tracking their employees, thanks to the real-time tracking feature of this Paylite attendance mobile application. It will, in turn, deliver a guaranteed better level of productivity from their workforce.

Key Benefits

Increased productivity:

Increase transparency of working scenarios with real-time location tracking that allows HRs to give instructions to take out productive work from their employees.

Real-time location:

Get data of current location of your employees on-field or of those employees who are on a business trip. In that case, its GEO-fencing functionality has to be enabled in it. By doing so, you can guide them for better working and improved work efficiency.

Multi-Platform Support:

Paylite attendance mobile application is developed to support any types of mobile devices on both Android and iOS platforms. So, install Paylite attendance mobile app solution on any mobile devices or tablets of any brands, and enjoy taking its numerous benefits for HR management.

What more benefits to get from Paylite attendance mobile app?

Paylite attendance mobile application is efficient and robust. It is designed for all types of industries. Its user company can manage all request and approvals and record employees’ attendance on a centralized database that is scalable and accessible round-the-clock.

Take a quick view of the key features of

Paylite Attendance mobile application

Key features of Paylite Attendance mobile application

The feature that makes our Paylite Attendance Mobile Application unique is:

On-Field Staff Tracking solution

With this feature, you can monitor your on-field staffs efficiently by tracking them in real-time through their GPS-enabled devices. The Geo-tracking & Geo-fencing features of Paylite will help you take productive steps to develop your organization.

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Companies that use Paylite HR Software:

OSN, CNBC Arabia, aswaaq, and Vivaki, to name a few!

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