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Thursday, 11 July 2019

How to Deliver Projects Smoothly?

Deliver Software Development Projects Successfully

A great project starts with a great vision.

Like any other complex projects, a project for developing software also involves a lot of planning, preparation and allocation of tasks to its team members. Once all of these jobs are done properly, a project can be delivered successfully.

Are you curious to know how to do it and overcome challenges of delivering a project successfully you often face with? No worries! We’ve a solid execution plan for you with systematic approach to deliver it. By following some steps, you can be able to manage and carry out a project effectively and deliver it successfully.

Step #1: Make a feasibility analysis:

Ask all stakeholders involved in the project (from client to team members) to understand the goal clearly and lay out a plan.

How is this feasibility analysis done?

Hold a thorough and open discussion in your project team. It will help you dig up specific needs and determine how feasibly the proposed project can be delivered and meet expected results. It may also require conducting a research to determine costs of the project and benefits.

Software Development project Life cycle

Step #2: Analyze and determine requirements:

Proper analysis starts with interviewing end-users and others who are associated with the new software system.

Why is this important?

A thorough review and a keen understanding of user documents, business rules and processes are important to determine appropriate and necessary features and functionality. Scope of the project, software requirements and the requirements of technology infrastructure need to be elaborately discussed and outlined to carry out the project successfully and make sure your website project runs smoothly.

Step #3: Determine technology requirements:

Determining technology requirement is prerequisite.

What does it include?

It includes a configurable server for document tracking and version control, staging server for testing and production server for deployment of final product.

Is there anything more to include for determining technology requirements?

Yes, you should also include a project management tool to measure and analyze progress of the project and automate reporting system.

Step #4: Apply industry best practices:

Prepare technical and pictorial documentation. That will help you to easily understand project plan and execute the same effectively.

Who will prepare the documentation?

Project manager of the team is responsible to assign tasks to team members. In this case also, the manager will decide who will prepare it, as he/she divides the team by assigning tasks as per experience and expertise of his/her team members.

Personalized Customer Experience

Step #5: Maintain a detailed design document:

How the software will meet project-specific requirements need to be discussed at length and documented in detail.

Who can help in getting through it and how?

Software architect, developer and/or programmer can help in doing it. Consider using mock-ups to support the design document as a means to illustrate Wireframe UX.

Step #6: Implementation:

Proper implementation of the best practices is essential to achieve desired results. Moreover, customization of the software warrants systematic approach for complex nature of software technologies and processes. That’s why implementation of a well thought-out plan is necessary to deliver project successfully.

Better way to develop your business

Step #7: Testing & Integration:

Each phase of development should go through a strict testing process, so that progression of action is confirmed through mutually understood parameters of software functions before deployment.

What after testing is over?

Once the software is tested okay and ready to go live, start fixing bugs on the basis of criticality scale. All the more, changes and enhancements of features need also to be scheduled to carry out for future upgrade version at the earliest.

Final thoughts:

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” This saying aptly goes with if a website development project will be carried out successfully and that website will run smoothly. For this, understanding requirements and giving solutions accordingly are important for successful completion of a project.

You should consult experts only who can help you lay out plan and hire experienced software developers.

Do you have an interesting project? Let’s talk about that!